Waterloo 50th Anniversary (Limited Edition 3 x 7" Box Set)


ABBA release a new collection of vinyl products to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the band’s 2nd studio album. The album features the single "Waterloo", the song which brought the band International fame and won the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest in Brighton (UK).

7″ boxset includes 3 singles from the album, each with a b-side companion track.

The set features 3 colour discs (blue, red, white) housed in a lift-off lid box. Individual sleeves incorporate classic band imagery from the original era.


LP 1
A1. Honey, Honey
B1. King Kong Song

LP 2
A1. Waterloo
B1. Watch Out

LP 3
A1. Waterloo - Swedish Version
B1. Honey Honey - Swedish Version

Limited to 4 per customer.